Asterix Modular Roofing System

The Asterix Temporary Roofing System is designed for use on short to medium term temporary roofing contracts during which it will be exposed to mild or moderate weather conditions. Using a custom made range of aluminium unit beams the roof can be erected in either mono or duo pitch configurations. If required, the system covering can be used on any type of beam.

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Strong Span Capability Versus Cost

The system is based around the Asterix aluminium beam and offers a competitive span vs. cost ratio. This is influenced further by the use of the tie bar system, ensuring some spans reach over 40m. The Asterix beam can also be used in day to day scaffolding applications, such as beams spans, bridging and cantilevering. The chords and post are 48.3mm in diameter, whilst the beam as a whole has strong permissible values in bending and shear.

Adaptability to the Contur Scaffold System

The system works fluently with the Contur scaffold system. Available in bay sizes of 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3m, the roof can align perfectly to the scaffold standards, using a bespoke beam support unit. This allows all loads from the roof to be transferred directly into the standards.

Multiple Erection Methods

The system can be erected by hand, crane or rolled out using the Trax UB runway system, eliminating the need

for working at height. The Trax UB will connect to a transom at each line of standards and provide a continuous span of runway for the roof. The beam lines are connected to the Trax UB using a heavy duty castor, providing 29.5kN anti-uplift force.

Independent Keder Tracking

The Asterix roofing system features

Keder tracking independent to the beams. This is secured to

the beams over the button nuts of the brace claws. Unlike some competitors, if the keder tracking gets damaged, the entire beam will not need replacing.

Technical Design Services

Services offered through Altrad Group member DESSA Ltd include Schematics, Estimating, Online and Site Support, Training, Product Support and Design Services.