Plettac Contur


The Plettac Contur system is perceived to be one of the most advanced modular scaffolding systems on the market today.

A fast, safe and economical access solution, the rosette, welded onto the standards, allows 8 wedge connections, this makes this system truly multidirectional. The real benefits of the system are in the ease and the speed of erection, this increases productivity and lowers labour costs. The system has been proven to be at least 40% faster than traditional scaffolds. For exceptional longevity and durability, all items are produced with a top quality hotdip galvanised finish.

Right angles – if you want them

The use of the small connection gaps for connecting the horizontals allows a 90° angle to be created between them – essential for certain users. The larger gaps allow angles between 30° and 60°. These options allow practically any angle to be set and shape form of construction to be scaffolded.

Increase in bending moment and shear strengths

Using FEM analysis, the height of the connection heads as well as the shape and wall thicknesses were optimised to produce higher reserves of safety. The resultant higher load capacity pays off particularly for scaffolds used under demanding conditions.

More mathematics for less weight

The use of finite element methods (FEM) on a 3D model allows material shapes and thicknesses to be optimised to meet the required applied loads. This produced the sinusoidal shape and weight savings of 10%. This is associated with clear advantages in erection, safety in use, joint stiffness and storage space requirements.

Functional versatility

To deal with diverse scaffolding projects economically, you will need a wide range of decking.

Plettac contur modular scaffolding has the right type of decking available for every job. Hot dipped zinc galvanised steel decking, or lightweight aluminium decking – all can be used in construction and in industry, with the further option of hollow aluminium extrusion decks for light weight combined with strength.

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