Aluminium Lightweight Stagings BS2037 Class 1


Aluminium box section stiles.
Aluminium crossbearers, for lighter weight and greater strength.
Combi-board decking, and rubber inserts to underside, to prevent movement.
BS2037: supports 270Kg distributed load.

  450mm wide 600mm wide
Length Weight Weight
2.5m 13Kg 14Kg
3.5m 15Kg 16Kg
3.65m 17Kg 18Kg
4.2m 21Kg 23Kg
4.8m 28Kg 30Kg
5.4m 30Kg 32Kg
5.95m 34Kg 36Kg
6.55m 40Kg 43Kg
7.10m 43Kg 46Kg
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